In 1983, gratuated Art academy of Latvia (Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija) design courses.


Participating in many collective exhibitions almost every year since 1984 in Riga, Latvia.


  Aquarelle paintings. Riga, Latvia. 1984.

  Personal exhibition. Paintings. Riga, Latvia. 1993.    (First personal exhibition)

  Travelling Riga's graphic artists exhibition. Germany. 1995.

  Personal exhibition. Collages. Russian university of Riga. Riga, Latvia. 1997.

  Personal exhibition. Paintings ''Woman's world''. Riga, Latvia. 1999.

  Graphic art biennial. Saint Petersburg, Russia. 2006.

  Personal exhibition. Monotype. Switzerland. 2011.

  Personal exhibition. Oil paintings. Riga, Latvia. 2011.